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Jenifer Jones 
Jennifer Jones-Martinez is our Finance Assistant at Auto Dealer Solutions. Jennifer was born in Manati, Puerto Rico and has been living in Florida for over 3 years. She has a Master Degree in Business and has a Post Graduate Degree in Informatics (Technology). Jennifer has over 15 years of management experience in Sales, Customer Service, and Administration. Although, Jennifer had a serious auto accident which changed her career path, her passion for learning and assisting others has led her to the automotive industry. Through dedication and determination, she taught herself English and became a true spokesman for the Spanish community in Bradenton, FL. Jennifer uses her bilingual ability to work for all our customers. She is passionate about getting her customers a vehicle that is reliable, aggressively priced and at the best rate possible. She not only works hard for their benefit but she achieves satisfaction in knowing she put the customer’s interest first and therefore building relationships.